Death Dealing: A card-throwing rogue subclass for 5E!

Created by Steve Conley

Plus new spells, magic items, and creatures! #ZineQuest

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Subclass and Deck leveling preview! And ENNIE Awards!
5 months ago – Sun, Jul 09, 2023 at 10:40:08 AM

The Death Dealing book is nearly complete and this week I'll be sharing previews of each section. Today, we're starting with the latest version of the Subclass Features and - for the first time - a look at the leveling-up and perks for the Death Dealing Deck of cards.

I'd love your feedback. You can post your comments here or over on my Discord server here:

I absolutely welcome your questions and will be including a FAQ in the book.

Tomorrow, I'll be previewing the new magic spells including Debamfify, Shuffle, Summon Cardling, and others. Tuesday, I'll be previewing the latest versions of each card. Wednesday will be new monster day!

In other news, my first 5E project Intoximancy (which i know many of you supported here on Kickstarter) was just nominated for an ENNIE Award for "Best Supplement" I'm absolutely stunned!

Thank you again! I'm just one guy making this stuff and I couldn't do it without your support and encouragement! <3

-- Steve

Death Dealing Deck preview!
5 months ago – Fri, Jun 23, 2023 at 11:10:26 AM

 Greetings rogues!

Just for backers, here's a not-final preview PDF of all the cards in the Death Dealing Deck...

While the damage and effects from the number cards are simple and standardized across all suits, it's the face cards, aces, and joker/fool which get interesting (and, yes, the three levels of exhaustion caused by the King of Spades is awful, but that's the luck of the draw!)

I'd love to know what you think!

And if you see a typo, please do let me know! :)

Squeezing all these into the book has been challenging but I think I've cracked it! :)

Thank you again for your amazing support and I can't wait until you can start rolling up your own Death Dealing rogue!

-- Steve

Pick a card, any card!
6 months ago – Wed, Jun 14, 2023 at 03:01:13 PM

Greetings, rogues! There's so much more to report!

The Death Dealing production is going very well! All 54 card designs are finished. My latest task has been to create a chart to allow you to "pick a card" if you don't have a deck of cards. This will work with percentile dice (d100) (or a d54 if you're using a VTT like Foundry, or a random-number-generator). It's important to me that the subclass work even if you don't have a deck of cards available.

As another option... I've created a web page for randomly picking a Death Dealing card. You can try it here:

It works on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Clicking the design shows a random card and clicking "Shuffle Deck" will re-shuffle the cards allowing you to pick a new random card. Every card is loaded into the page including the deadly Face cards, the beneficial Aces, and the calamitous Fool and Joker cards. Check it out!

 Title-page art is complete...

I was really struggling with this piece. This is the first image inside the book and I wanted something as visually interesting and emblemematic of Death Dealing's contents as the walking flagon is for Intoximancy. I did a lot of sketches and I came up with this. I really like it...

 I just wish I had come up with this art before the Kickstarter campaign. It needs to be a sticker!

 The cover is pretty much finalized...

I shared the updated art last time but I've now redone the cover text and I'm much happier with the logo and the layout. 

And the House...

It always wins! This one took forever to sculpt and illustrate but I'm very happy with how it turned out. It's gigantic and will cover two pages of the book.

This weekend, I'll be a guest of Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I'll return to my desk on Monday and will be back to work on the Death Dealing PDF. 

I'm working really hard on Death Dealing and I hope you'll love it!

Thank you again for your amazing support! And extra thanks to all my new Patreon supporters!

-- Steve

A Death Dealing update: Revised cover art, Shuffling Mound, and locking orders!
7 months ago – Mon, May 15, 2023 at 09:39:00 AM

Here's a quick update and a few new sneak peeks!

Backerkit orders will be locked over the next 72 hours - look for a final notification later today! These final numbers will tell me just how many of each book, deck, and miniature I need to make!

I've mostly finished the cover art! I removed the placeholder blood and painted in the card's magical effects. I'm really happy with it and hope you are too!

One change I need to make is that the card hitting the guy in the front should be the King of Clubs.

Here's a first look at the creature art for the Shuffling Mound. I sculpted the shapes using the Nomad app so there will be an STL available in the future!

And lastly, I'm on track to share the Death Dealing card deck preview this week! I'm currently revising the art for all the number cards - I wasn't happy with how the initial version was looking. I'm excited to share the new designs with you!

Thank you again for your amazing support!

-- Steve 

BTW... today's the last day for Patreon supporters to get the four Dredges STL files with their support. The next sculpt will be the undead knight Kevin the Illegible.

A big Death Dealing update: Subclass preview, Backerkit surveys going out, and Dredges!
8 months ago – Thu, Apr 13, 2023 at 10:16:51 PM

Greetings, rogues! There is a LOT to report...

  • Backer surveys start going out tonight!
  • The Backerkit pre-order store is now open for those who missed the campaign
  • The subclass features are previewed below! What do you think?
  • New 3D-printable sculpts: Dredges!

Backer surveys are on their way!

I received Backerkit's approval today so the surveys will start going out tonight! The system will send the first batch of surveys to 5% of backers to make sure everything works. The rest of the surveys will go out tomorrow and over the weekend!

Also, the Death Dealing Backerkit pre-order store is now live so anyone who missed the campaign can pre-order physical rewards! Digital rewards and add-ons are not available for pre-order unless you're a Kickstarter backer.

Death Dealing Subclass Features...

These are not final and I'd love your feedback. You can comment below, on my Discord, or via Kickstarter messaging.  A preview of the Death Dealing Deck will come next week. (And I'm sure I'll rewrite/edit the text a million times before we go to press.)

Some of these features may be useful every game, others will be very situational. I hope all of them are fun!

The Cheat Death feature, for instance may be a bit too powerful or just as likely might never come up in your game.

And now, Dredges...

These creatures have appeared in The Middle Age webcomic and their stat blocks will appear in Death Dealing. The printable STL files are available as add-ons through your backer surveys but if you can't wait, they're available free this month to my Patreon supporters and for sale in my web shop.

When you hit a large Dredge, it splits into two medium Dredges. When you hit a medium Dredge, it splits into two small Dredges and so on.

 Thank you all so much for your amazing support! 

-- Steve